21:53 Changeset [569343] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
New version package. Move date-string to tools.lisp. Localize …
21:10 Changeset [d9aca8] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Ignore files for git git-svn-id: …
20:54 Changeset [4109ab] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
This patch just fixes an annoyance when calling our script without any …
14:16 DescribeHook created by anonymous
14:04 Hooks edited by anonymous
14:02 MenuCustomization edited by anonymous
14:01 KeybindingCustomization edited by anonymous
13:52 GIT edited by pbrochard
13:50 GIT edited by pbrochard
11:42 Changeset [2d2eca] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Remove :button-* in *window-events* -> prevent an access-error bug …


14:57 Changeset [e406cc] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Register system for new window hooks. Bind control+o to open the next …


22:39 Changeset [2bead0] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
New functions: Show/hide groups info windows. git-svn-id: …


21:44 Changeset [b4ae18] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
More TODO things git-svn-id: …
21:42 Changeset [791ce5] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Add alt+1/2/3... description git-svn-id: …
21:36 Changeset [7fc5c3] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
TODO: new file git-svn-id: …
21:09 Changeset [127530] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Move clfswm.asd and load.lisp on main directory git-svn-id: …
21:09 Changeset [ac32b6] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Move *.lisp in src/ git-svn-id: …
20:41 Changeset [4a21e1] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Use ISO_Left_Tab instead of Tab for select-previous-child. …


10:13 Changeset [e95701] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
force-window-in-group/force-window-center-in-group: new functions …
00:03 Changeset [9e3d08] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Check for Keysym+Shift. Remove all #Date# references. git-svn-id: …


22:10 Sandbox edited by anonymous
22:10 Sandbox edited by anonymous
21:55 Changeset [0dd182] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Adding doc directory git-svn-id: …
21:40 Changeset [83f0ae] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
New doc directory. Move asdf.lisp to contrib/ git-svn-id: …
17:16 Changeset [ef14d7] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Fix a glitch in clfswm-keys.lisp - Thanks Xavier git-svn-id: …


22:02 SVN edited by Philippe Brochard <pbrochard@…>
22:02 WikiStart edited by Philippe Brochard <pbrochard@…>
22:01 GIT created by Philippe Brochard <pbrochard@…>
20:25 SVN edited by Philippe Brochard <pbrochard@…>
11:40 Changeset [a00577] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Display the documentation associated to keys when identifying a key. …


23:23 Changeset [6db443] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Apply patch on contrib/clfswm git-svn-id: …
23:09 Changeset [384f80] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
And this is the last git-svn-id: …
23:08 Changeset [8434cc] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
and another one git-svn-id: …
23:03 Changeset [f5f762] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Last test? git-svn-id: …
22:50 Changeset [fa5c52] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
another test git-svn-id: …
22:50 Changeset [7dda69] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
New git test git-svn-id: …
22:02 Changeset [bcbf03] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
A git test with svn and rsync git-svn-id: …
21:56 Changeset [2458b3] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Add clfswm-nw-hooks in clfswm.asd git-svn-id: …


14:38 Changeset [1bcc72] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
new git test git-svn-id: …
14:35 Changeset [fbce02] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
test of git git-svn-id: …
14:32 Changeset [19efd7] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
New file: clfswm-nw-hooks.lisp to store hooks on new windows …
14:20 Changeset [4cb62e] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Check /home/phil/.config/clfswm/clfswmrc first. New clfswm script …
11:30 SVN edited by MatthieuMoy
No "ssh" in url for anonymous checkouts. (diff)
11:28 SVN created by MatthieuMoy
SVN, Git-svn, …
11:22 WikiStart edited by MatthieuMoy
add link to SVN/Git page (tbd) (diff)


13:33 UserConfiguration edited by anonymous
13:32 UserConfiguration edited by anonymous
13:32 UserConfiguration edited by anonymous
Where to put your configurations (diff)


22:20 Changeset [d12ae1] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Begining of mouse handling -> wheel mouse git-svn-id: …


16:38 Changeset [40a9d2] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Remove button-pess/release in window-event. They are handled another …
16:15 Changeset [647379] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Handle mouse in the main mode the same way as in the second mode. Main …
15:15 Changeset [315a67] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Remove all reference to pager git-svn-id: …
14:47 Changeset [75f6c8] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Specify the base directory in the main loop. The main loop has key …


22:12 Changeset [bc6e28] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Solve a wrong with-gcontext bug (xlib::string-concat) git-svn-id: …


21:45 Changeset [9c8350] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Rename and renumber childs. Move query-* in a separate file …
21:06 Customize edited by anonymous
13:57 UserConfiguration edited by anonymous
13:54 MenuCustomization edited by anonymous
13:54 KeybindingCustomization edited by anonymous
10:45 Customize edited by anonymous
10:43 Contribute created by anonymous
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10:37 Customize edited by anonymous
10:27 Changeset [c06a5f] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
add a contributed example git-svn-id: …
07:59 Changeset [c95eb8] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Hide groups when moving by name git-svn-id: …


20:33 Changeset [201e67] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
New contrib directory for additional user code git-svn-id: …
08:08 Setup edited by anonymous


23:09 Changeset [c23b63] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
create-group use &rest arguments git-svn-id: …
22:30 Changeset [151b18] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
Alt-tab navigate throw childs-Alt-arrow navigate throw brothers …
21:48 Changeset [a613a7] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
navigation keys change to always select the current child git-svn-id: …
12:55 Changeset [9fdabc] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
use a default group datas git-svn-id: …
12:50 Changeset [55b66e] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
first commit git-svn-id: …
12:49 Changeset [156d67] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
first commit git-svn-id: …
12:47 Changeset [f53709] by pbrochard <pbrochard@…>
first commit git-svn-id: …
11:49 CLFSWM edited by anonymous
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