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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#10 possible DOS attack code defect mpasternacki new 07/20/08
#11 error while loging with SmugMug OpenID identifier code defect mpasternacki assigned 07/21/08
#25 Update code 0.5 nonportable defect new 09/05/14
#26 move tickets to github? code 0.5 nonportable defect new 09/05/14
#13 Relying Party discovery code 1.1 extended task new 08/15/08
#8 Fall back to discovery's worse choices when best choice fails code 1.1 extended enhancement new 06/19/08
#7 Full XRDS support code 1.1 extended enhancement mpasternacki new 06/15/08
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