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Update dependency info

Common Lisp OpenID implementation


Source is available (will be, actually, now there is only a skeleton) in a darcs repository at (browse). To get the code, run:

darcs get

To actually run the code, Hunchentoot, Drakma, Ironclad, SPLIT-SEQUENCE, XMLS, cl-base64, and trivial-utf-8 (with my changeset, until it is merged into upstream repo) will be needed (plus PURI and CL-HTML-Parse on Lisps other than Franz's Allegro CL; possibly more dependencies will be added later on, but I will try not to make this list much bigger). For testing, the FiveAM library will be used.All of those should be ASDF-installable, so you can just run darcs dist on the repo and ASDF-install the resulting tarball. Alternatively, to quickly get up and running with all required libraries (using CL-Librarian), run:

cl-openid$ darcs get lib
cd-openid$ cd lib
cl-openid/lib$ sh
cd-openid/lib$ cd ..
cd-openid$ $LISP
> (load "shelf")
> (cl-librarian:download-shelf 'cl-openid.deps) ; for the first time or when new dependency is added
> (cl-librarian:use-shelf 'cl-openid.deps) ; when libraries are already downloaded
> (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :cl-openid)
> (asdf:oos 'asdf:test-op :cl-openid) ; 5am unit tests

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