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Implementation of the OpenID protocol for Common Lisp.

CL-OpenID implements OpenID Authentication 2.0 standard and is compatible with OpenID Authentication 1.1. Both Relying Party (formerly called OpenID Consumer), and OpenID Provider are implemented.


OpenID allows people to use their accounts from any compliant web service (including livejournal, google accounts, yahoo accounts and many others), to login into any OpenID compliant 3rd party web application.

It simplifies life for both user and application developer. User need not fill registration forms, create and remember new password. Application developer need not implement registration forms, email confirmations, password restore procedure.

Reference documentation is available in the README.html file.

If you have questions or need help, contact the cl-openid-devel mailing list.


The project is available from Quicklisp.

Source code

darcs repository at (browse).

To get the code, run:

darcs get

Mailing lists

Other resources


GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 with Franz Inc.'s preamble, also known as LLGPL (Lisp Lesser General Public License).


CL-OpenID is implemented by Maciej Pasternacki and sponsored by Google during Google Summer of Code 2008, on LispNYC initiative. LispNYC project mentor is Anton Vodonosov.

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