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SBCL testing branch

Attempts were made in 2004 to get CL-XML to work with SBCL, circa version 0.8.8, but were largely unsuccessful due to logical path support (or lack tereof). I was able to hack the code around a bit to get things working in SBCL 0.9.8 at the beginning of 2006. My code is in a branch of the SVN repos here.


I attempted to make the library ASDF-loadable. See cl-xml.asd in the repos.

Questionable Changes

Some of the changes I made to the lib are questionable in nature, when you consider them in relation to other CL implementations. My goal was to get the lib working with SBCL, but ideally, the changes would not break anything in other implementations. Suggestions are welcome.

  • [11] is the most notable offender
  • [12] may have some goodies, too

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