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CLFSWM is a 100% Common Lisp X11 window manager (based on Tinywm and Stumpwm. Many thanks to them).
It can be driven only with the keyboard or with the mouse.


A display is divided in workspaces, groups and windows. Windows are packed together in groups. By default a group is fullscreen maximized (no decorations, no buttons, no menus: nothing, just the application fullscreen!). When not maximized, a group of windows can be moved, resized, tiled, packed or filled to others groups edges.

For its binding, CLFSWM has two modes. A main mode with minimal keys and no mouse grabbing to avoid conflict with others applications. And a second mode with more keys and mouse actions. CLFSWM comes with an integrated pager to manage workspaces, groups and windows as in the second mode way. For details on the CLFSWM usage, have a look at the default bindings.

CLFSWM is highly dynamic. By default there is only one workspace and one group. Other workspaces or groups are created/deleted on the fly. Windows, groups and workspaces can be manipulated in the second mode or in the pager. A window can be in more than one group or workspace, so it can have multiple views of the same windows.