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CLFSWM customization

Configuration files

CLFSWM reads its customization informations from one of those files (in this order) at startup:

  • $HOME/.clfswmrc
  • /etc/clfswmrc
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/clfswm/clfswmrc. By default: $HOME/.config/clfswm/clfswmrc.

CLFSWM reads the first one it founds. Those files can contain any valid lisp code.

How to configure CLFSWM

Contributed code by other users

To use a contributed code by another user, see in the contrib directory and add a line in your configuration file to load it.
For example to load the contrib-example.lisp , add a line like this in your configuration file:

(load-contrib "contrib-example.lisp")