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Complete support for Python 2.3 language features.

Implement language features introduced with version 2.5 of Python. Note that (new) modules in the Python standard libray are not considered "language features".

The following list has been copied from What's new in Python 2.5. Not all of them may apply to CLPython.

  • PEP 308: Conditional Expressions
  • PEP 309: Partial Function Application
  • PEP 314: Metadata for Python Software Packages v1.1
  • PEP 328: Absolute and Relative Imports
  • PEP 338: Executing Modules as Scripts
  • PEP 341: Unified try/except/finally
  • PEP 342: New Generator Features
  • PEP 343: The 'with' statement; Writing Context Managers; The contextlib module
  • PEP 352: Exceptions as New-Style Classes
  • PEP 353: Using ssize_t as the index type
  • PEP 357: The 'index' method
  • Other Language Changes; Interactive Interpreter Changes; Optimizations
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