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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#30 Assertion error in PROPAGATE-LOCAL-CALL-ARGS new somebody major Core
#32 Type derivation bug for floor new somebody major Core
#57 Heap overflow checking fails on sparc new somebody major Core
#59 pcl failure new rtoy major PCL
#64 Type derivation/compiler bug new somebody major Core
#78 MP:PROCESS-WAIT should have an efficient way to wait for completion of another process new somebody major Core
#88 enough-namestring new somebody major Core
#91 ppc fails tan.exceptions test new somebody major Core
#96 incorrect macroexpansion environment for defconstant new somebody major Core
#107 dumping structs with make-load-form new somebody major Core
#108 Update NetBSD version new somebody major Core
#113 Test ticket mail system new major Core
#23 [cmucl-help] Spurious compilation diagnostic? assigned rtoy minor Core
#38 Inlining loses declarations new somebody minor Core
#40 incorrect lexical environment for deftype new somebody minor Core
#44 error with MAKE-METHOD-LAMBDA or method combinations new somebody minor Core
#45 Can't exit debugger on OSX new somebody minor Core
#52 UNICODE-COMPLETE-NAME misses a completion reopened minor Unicode
#85 Hemlock fails to start new rtoy minor Hemlock
#86 (let ((*print-base* 16)) (print 'car)) -> |CAR| new somebody minor Core
#89 Follow C99 for the value of the special functions at exceptional arguments new somebody minor Core
#97 Constant folding errors from make-double-double-float new somebody minor Core
#109 vm:double-float-bias is 1022 new minor Core
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