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05:15 Ticket #35 (Remove migrate's reliance on a main-memory has to store oid-oid mappings) closed by ieslick
fixed: This was fixed by allowing the user to call set-oid-spec to specify an …


00:09 Ticket #35 (Remove migrate's reliance on a main-memory has to store oid-oid mappings) created by ieslick
The current migrate facility keeps a hash of old-oid to new-objects in …


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Another good introduction to query optimization
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Excellent early overview of OO queries
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Excellent overview of query optimization
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07:18 Ticket #1 (Efficient 64-bit support) closed by ieslick
07:14 Ticket #34 (Implement a persistent aggregates library/abstraction) created by ieslick
Implement some subset of pcons, parray, phash, ptable, pset, etc. …
07:12 Ticket #33 (Cheap persistent sets ala AllegroCache) created by ieslick
We need a way to store sets in the slots of persistent objects and …
07:11 Ticket #32 (Special support for graph-like structures and queries?) created by ieslick
Check out Relatus constraint-based graph queries and use of Prolog in …
07:10 Ticket #31 (Repository browser) created by ieslick
Tools for exploring what is in repository. Perhaps augment slime to …
07:10 Ticket #30 (Query compiler) created by ieslick
Finalize the query syntax and semantics, design a query compiler and …
07:09 Ticket #29 (Support 64-bit OIDs, array sizes and file sizes?) created by ieslick
Upgrade support to 64-bits throughout administrative infrastructure, …
07:07 Ticket #28 (Document query language) created by ieslick
We need to seriously update the documentation to accommodate the new …
07:06 Ticket #27 (Document usage model examples) created by ieslick
Finish the scenarios section of the manual
07:06 Ticket #26 (Duplicate sorting policy) created by ieslick
How are class index duplicates to be sorted? Conflicts here between …
07:03 Ticket #25 (Class schemas) created by ieslick
Enhance support for classes. Save class schemas to disk for …
06:57 Ticket #24 (Prevalence-style storage options) created by ieslick
Make storage policy decisions on per-class (or per-instance) basis …
06:54 Ticket #23 (Native Lisp Backend) created by ieslick
Implement a native backend * All in common-lisp * Page-based …
06:52 Ticket #22 (Serialize compiled functions, closures, packages, class objects, etc?) created by ieslick
Not sure if this is possible, or what it would mean, but it's worth …
06:51 Ticket #21 (Online GC) created by ieslick
Can/should we implement a full online GC? How do we do this given …
06:49 Ticket #20 (Change :transient flag to an allocation type) created by ieslick
Integrate better with CLOS machinery
06:49 Ticket #19 (Move cursor after put in cursor-put) created by ieslick
This is an API change, but I presume minor
06:46 Ticket #18 (Stop-and-Copy GC) created by ieslick
Find a way to use migrate to implement a stop-and-copy GC (i.e. …
06:45 Ticket #17 (Backup or Dump Database Feature) created by ieslick
Provide a function to dump a database to a human-readable format for …
06:44 Ticket #16 (Review and complete coherent condition architecture) created by ieslick
Go to key error points in the operation of Elephant and implement …
06:41 Ticket #15 (Port Elephant to Closer-to-MOP) created by ieslick
Simplify metaprotocol implementation by using Closer-to-MOP. …
06:40 Ticket #14 (Move index maintenance to the backend?) created by ieslick
This means that we maintain class indices in the backend rather than …
06:39 Ticket #13 (How do we track derived indices across multiple classes?) created by ieslick
Can we change the interface or autodetect the slots or gf's that a …
06:37 Ticket #12 (Understand and document locking issues) created by ieslick
Need to have a better model about multi-thread and multi-process use …
06:01 Ticket #11 (Improve unicode performance for various lisps) created by ieslick
Can we use direct memcpys in certain cases to speed up encoding for …
06:00 Ticket #10 (Improve SQL base-64 serializer performance) created by ieslick
Are there any optimization opportunities in the base-64 encoding …
05:59 Ticket #9 (Query Interface) created by ieslick
Implement a constraint-based query interface for Elephant's persistent …
05:58 Ticket #8 (Can we use BDB to create join cursors?) created by ieslick
Join cursors might help querying, but might be more work than they're …
05:57 Ticket #7 (Deleting persistent slot values on class redefinition) created by ieslick
Currently when classes are redefined, values associated with the …
05:56 Ticket #6 (Reclaim table storage on index drop) created by ieslick
Another clarification. Currently we don't drop the actual index …
05:54 Ticket #5 (Automated indexing outside instances of a single class) created by ieslick
What if we want a given index to target a specific range of subclasses …
05:45 Ticket #4 (Indexing, class heirarchies and inheritance) created by ieslick
We need to clarify the behavior (and utility) of class indexing in …
05:42 Ticket #3 (Referential Integrity) created by ieslick
Currently, if a persistent object is dropped, it's references in …
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Elephant home page, simple stub (diff)
04:48 Ticket #2 (Add :inverse-reader option to class slot definitions) created by ieslick
The :inverse-reader option allows you to define a …
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