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03:57 Ticket #57 (Opportunities to clean up the code base) created by ieslick
Some of the code is pretty messy and could benefit from some …
02:39 Ticket #33 (Cheap persistent sets ala AllegroCache) closed by ieslick
fixed: A basic, default version of this has been done for Release 0.9. It …


14:09 Ticket #56 (Make Elephant asdf-installable) created by ieslick
Currently Elephant behaves much like CLSQL, it has a number of .asd …
14:08 Ticket #55 (Fix awkward serializer API) created by ieslick
The whole serializer interface is awkward. The way in which data …
01:30 Ticket #54 (Class to SlotID performance hack) created by Ben Lee
Create a table which contains slot definitions, probably cache this in …
01:28 Ticket #53 (BTree Sorting improvement for BDB) created by Ben Lee
right now the sorted btree sorting function is a bit of nasty C code. …


21:00 Ticket #52 (Transaction analysis tools) created by ieslick
We may should add some transaction diagnosis and tracing tools in the …
12:55 Ticket #51 (Implement a drop-btree command to wipe out all key-value pairs) closed by ieslick


02:22 Ticket #51 (Implement a drop-btree command to wipe out all key-value pairs) created by ieslick
01:44 Ticket #50 (Fix string sorting) created by ieslick
Strings in BDB are sorted first by radix, then by value. This should …


16:30 Ticket #49 (Support change-class between persistent classes and standard classes) created by ieslick
16:22 Ticket #48 (Enable hints to optimize derived index updates) created by ieslick
Add a keyword option to add-index that takes a list of dependent slots …
15:46 Ticket #47 (Handle derived index errors caused by missing slots in a redefined class) created by ieslick
Derived indices depend on a class instance for their value. This …


14:23 Ticket #46 (Online migration) created by ieslick
Can we enable online migration as a kind of GC? We're a long way …


14:10 Ticket #45 (Clean up test interface so it's easier to use) created by ieslick
Clarify and tighten up instructions: backend-specific, migration, etc …
14:09 Ticket #44 (Add class-database synchronization tests) created by ieslick
14:09 Ticket #43 (Add test coverage for BDB features: optimize, checkpoint and ...) created by ieslick


18:06 GarbageCollection created by ieslick
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15:36 Ticket #37 (Support complex numbers) closed by ieslick
fixed: Can serialize & deserialize complex numbers, but we don't support …


13:24 Ticket #42 (Integrate the postmodern backend) created by ieslick
Henrik has submitted a postmodern backend (native Postgresql) that …


02:05 Ticket #41 (Break up transaction while iterating over a btree) created by ieslick
Understand how a read-dominated transaction effects locks. Can we …
02:02 Ticket #40 (Allow delete of btree elements while mapping) created by ieslick
How do we enable the ability for a function being mapped over a btree …
01:44 Ticket #6 (Reclaim table storage on index drop) closed by ieslick
wontfix: Because it is so hard to reclaim actual disk space without a GC and …
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