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Welcome to the Elephant Trac System and Project Wiki


This site complements the main Elephant web page and elephant-devel list discussions with opportunities for developers and users to record DesignTradeoffs, FeatureRequests, and other categories of requests. We hope to grow a WikiFAQ at this site as well.

The primary purpose of having an Elephant Trac site is to log and track tickets against various release milestones planned for Elephant and to tie source control checkins to those tickets. We have instituted a simple TicketProcess regarding use of the Trac ticketing infrastructure. Anyone can submit tickets, however you need to have a account to edit the Wiki.

For a quick tour, please look at the roadmap as well as all the tickets in the system.

We have decided to take an aggressive, incremental release schedule from now through 1.0 so that each feature set is clearly marked and well packaged. Advanced users can follow these releases, or wait until version 1.0 when there will be a coherent upgrade path. The releases will be made with less fanfare and a clear list of what changed.

If an incremental 0.9.x release requires a database upgrade, we will provide patches for 0.9.0 to fix critical bugs that are effecting normal users.


Find out more about Trac Tickets and our Ticket Process
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Find out more about Trac via the Trac FAQ
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