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Feature requests:

  • Proper unicode formats in the database? (Ties, Henrik and Ian to discuss)
    The current strings stored in the database are stored as arrays of lisp codes. Not all internal lisp codes generated by char-code are actually unicode codes. Therefore they are not portable among lisps nor are they standardized if you ever need to reconstruct. We also don't but byte ordering markers at the front of 16 and 32 bit formats...but we do label all formats as little endian, so that should be less of an issue.
  • Should we implement or support the ReferentialIntegrity property?
    That is, if we delete a persistent object using delete-pobject, what happens to all the references to that object? Currently references will create an object with unbound slots rather than return nil (would that be the proper behavior?)
  • An offline function to perform a garbage collection.
    An initial cut might insist that two separate repositories exist.
  • A compressing serializer:
    If you index class X that has a slot A with an identifiable distribution of values (say Poisson), then provide Huffman encodings of those values. Allow a fixed, configurable amount of memory to be devoted to the "context dictionary" associated with that slot.
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