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AJAX Interface

Set up the server

The server can be configured via the variables - these URLs are all relative to the used host-name by starting the server with "(rest-interface:start-tm-engine "data_base" :host-name " :port 8000").
The server handles JSON-data - the JSON-model is defined in JSON_model.pdf.

  • rest-interface:*ajax-user-interface-url*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-prefix*
  • rest-interface:*json-commit-url*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-all-psis*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-summary-url*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-all-type-psis*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-all-instance-psis*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-topic-stub-prefix*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-type-tmcl-url*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-instance-tmcl-url*
  • rest-interface:*json-get-overview*
  • rest-interface:*ajax-user-interface-css-prefix*
  • rest-interface:*ajax-user-interface-css-directory-path*
    • relative directory path of all css-files (relative to src/)
    • default: ajax/css
  • rest-interface:*ajax-user-interface-file-path*
    • relative file path to the entry-file (isidorus.html) which includes all javascript- and css-files
    • default: ajax/isidorus.html
  • rest-interface:*ajax-javascript-directory-path*
    • relative fiel path to all javascript-files
    • default: ajax/javascripts
  • rest-interface:*ajax-javascript-url-prefix*
    • URL-prefix for all javascript files
    • default: /javascripts

To stop the server you can use the statement "(rest-interface:shutdown-tm-engine)". After the next call the server will shut down.

Set up the client

To configure the client you just need to set the constant HOST_PREF in src/ajax/javascripts/constants.js to the host-name you use. The constants


must be set to the corresponding values explained in "Set up the Server".
Note to be able to create new topic-instances via the client there is needed a TMCL (draft 07.08.2008) template. The lates template is currently not supported.

Topic Maps Overview

topic maps overview

When you call the Isidoprus-page you will see the "home"-section. This section represents a tree-view of all valid- "topic types" and "topic instances".
There can exist more trees, if there is no topictype-constraint - otherwise the topic "topictype" is the single root. So every topic that is not an instance and subtype of any other topic is a root topic. A node containes all PSIs of the representing topic, a link to edit the selected topic, a link to create a new topic-instance for the selected topic-type, sub-nodes with instance and subtypes of the current topic.

By clicking on nodes that contain sub-nodes it's possible to hide/show all sub-nodes of a specific node. After hiding some subnodes the parent-element will be displayed with an orange-color.

Search Topics

At the moment, this section is not implemented!

Edit Topcis

Create Topics

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