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    2121 * Collections are mapped to a kind linked lists, every resource which is represented as a topic is linked via an TM-association. This is very similar to an "raw" RDF-collection
    2222 * rdf:li elements are mapped to URIs corresponding to the order of the rdf:li element starting by rdf:_1 and incremented with every new rdf:li element
     24== RDF Exporter ==
     25Offering the function "export-rdf" in the package "rdf-exporter" Isidorus enables to export Topic Maps and mapped RDF files as RDF/XML files.
     26 The following parameters can be set:
     27 * rdf-path: a string that descirbes the destination file path
     28 * tm-id: the Topic Map ID of the topic map which has to be exported. If tm-id is set to nil, the entire data base is exported
     29 * revision: the revision of all exported objects. Thus just obejcts with the given version are exported
     31=== TM2RDF Mapping ===
     32 * Importded RDF/XML objects which were not changed are exported as the original objects
     33 * Topics: Topics are exported as resource-nodes with the URI of the first (in the storage) PSI. If there are any other or additional idetifiers they are exported as statements with literal nodes. The nodes' contents are the URIs. If a topic owns statements of an isidorus-type, e.g. a mapped name, it is of the type isidorus:Topic.
     34 * Names: Names are exported as blank nodes of the type isidorus:Name. These blank nodes own several statements that describes all necessary information, e.g. name-type, name-value, name-variants, ...
     35 * Occurrences: Occurrence are alos exported as blank nodes. The are of the type isidorus:Occurrence and owns further statements with the TM information, e.g. occurrence-type, socpes, .... If an Occurrence owns just an occurrence-value it is mapped to an RDF-statement with a literal-node.
     36 * type-instance association: this association is mapped to a statement of the type rdf:type
     37 * supertype-subtype association: this association is mapped to a statements of the type rdfs:subClassOf
     38 * Associations: Associations are mapped as blank nodes of the type isidorus:Association. The TM information is included as further statements, e.g. scopes, association-type, roles. Every role is represented by a blank node as well. Such a blank node is of the type isidorus:Role and contains information of the role-player, the role-type and an optional item-idenifier.
     40The entire mapping schema is visualized in the file [[Image(tm2rdf.png)]]