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20:12 IoPorts edited by ffjeld
io-port is a function not a macro. Added a bit of info on the types. (diff)
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Another link added (diff)
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Link to new IO ports page (diff)
08:45 IoPorts created by mxb
Initial page on IO ports


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add screenshot (diff)
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replace function with truely gc safe version (diff)


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arg! (diff)
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remove ansiclrequests link (diff)
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22:25 Ticket #5 (some warnings stick around in movitz:dump-image) created by sabetts
dump-image prints warnings about undefined functions. After correcting …
22:23 Ticket #4 (add floating point type) created by sabetts
currently floating point constants are converted to ratios.
22:22 Ticket #3 (add trig functions) created by sabetts
specifically sin and cos
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Added a couple of more OS dev. links. (diff)


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arguably better formatting (diff)
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HardwareLinks (diff)
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The ticket system is probably better suited. (diff)


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add some ansi cl requests
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add an ansi cl feature reqeust link (diff)


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Removing wiki: prefix on Exceptions page link (diff)


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Add link to the project's web site. (diff)


22:28 Ticket #2 (&key argument parsing must be fixed) closed by ffjeld
fixed: This is now fixed.
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added car/cdr example. (diff)
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