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Welcome to Oct, a portable implementation of quad-double numbers


Oct is a portable Lisp implementation of quad-double arithmetic. This gives about 65 digits of precision. Quad-double arithmetic uses four double-float numbers to represent an extended precision number.

The implementation is modeled on the quad-double package by Yozo Hida. That package is in C++, but we have translated parts of it and extended it to use Lisp. The intent is to provide all of the CL arithmetic functions with a quad-double implementation.


Supported Lisps

This package has been tested with CMUCL, SBCL, Clisp, and Allegro. All tests pass. Note that development is primarily done using CMUCL.

Getting Oct

Currently the only way to obtain the software is via git. You can browse the source using the Browse Source link above, or you can use the gitweb interface to browse the sources.

To obtain the sources, you will have to clone the repository at git:// or

Additional Information

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Other information can be found on the Oct project page.

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The maintainers

Starting Points

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