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Heads-Up on the Tioga Project

[CE 2006 August 7, 2006 23:25 PDT] Index page started, trac pages started to an end

I've worked up a simple index page for the Tioga project available. Undoubtedly, there are some more pages to be added, there. Having the opportunity to host the Tioga project, at I have been more interested in mapping out a baseline structure for the project than to produce any code or any web-pages, immediately.

It was my intention that the Trac resource to the Tioga project will be used as a primary whiteboard for material in regards to the design of systems of the Tioga project. As I will become more familiar with the structure and operations of our project's Trac instance, it should be that I will put this instance to work.

On further consideration, however, Trac's conventions about text markup may be stifling of an opportunity to use Trac's features for page-service.

With courtesy to the administrators, and tech-coop for the hosting

-- Sean Champ, Tioga Project Head Guy

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