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Obtaining And Installing Weblocks

Weblocks is a young piece of software. At the moment installing it is a little more difficult that necessary. While Weblocks is ASDF-aware, it is not currently ASDF-installable as there have been no formal releases.


Please see

NOTE: Weblocks requires a Common Lisp implementation that supports threads. If the implementation you're using doesn't support threads on your platform, Weblocks will randomly drop requests and behave significantly slower than necessary.

Development Branches And Experimental Features

If you're interested in obtaining cutting edge but unstable features, or playing with experimental features that may be dropped in the future, please see WeblocksDevelopment.


We require pretty up-to-date libraries to use Weblocks. If you're using clbuild to install everything or something else that pulls repositories instead of tarballs, you should be fine. Otherwise, check here before reporting a major bug.

subclassp is undefined

You need Closer to MOP of 6 Nov 2008 or later.

some utility function is undefined, or I get metatilities conflicts

Metatilities split part of itself to metatilities-base; if you aren't updating to include that, you need to do so.

Clozure CL, getting a lot of "<,a,h,r,e,f" nonsense

You need CL-JSON of 26 Feb 2009 or later.

Clozure CL, something about change-class

Probably someone committed a load order that puts a defgeneric after :accessor or defmethod. Closer to MOP doesn't allow this, but it works in some more popular Lisp implementations. You can help by providing a patch that moves the defgeneric early enough, or adds an appropriate dependency to weblocks.asd, as appropriate.

I can't load CLSQL

You need the new clsql-fluid addon.

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