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This page is for discussions. Feel free to share your ideas or your feeling about CLFSWM


I've got a question regarding eclipse. When I open one of eclipse's many popup windows (for example with "Ctrl+o"), then this popup window immediately disappears again. Is there any way that I can make it stay?

I've to try eclipse to see if I can identify the problem. BTW I have had some tweaking to do to use java apps. See :

Another question: I'm using two monitors, and eclipse's popup show up in the middle of the virtual screen. That's pretty useless, because one half of it is then on one monitor, the other on the other half. Ideas?

Yes this was hardcoded in the code. Please, can you try the last commit. You can now customize the unmanaged window placement with the with-placement macro (see package.lisp - middle of current child by default).

I'm not sure where to ask this, but is there a #clfswm IRC channel on any network?

As of 2014 03 07, I've setup a #clfswm channel on I log this channel.
BTW, the mailing list is a more reliable (and populated) service. - Philippe

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