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CLFSWM Tips And Tricks

How to quickly open a new frame

To quickly open a new frame, you can use the 'add new frame in parent frame' bound to Second Mode+Control+A.
You can also use the 'open the next window in a new frame' function bound to Second Mode+Control+O keys by default.
The next openned window will create a new frame where it will go.

CLFSWM doesn't works with Numlock or Capslock ON

If you want to use CLFSWM with Numlock or Capslock ON, add this line in your .clfswmrc configuration file:


I don't like the one pixel border on fullscreened windows

To remove the one pixel border on fullscreened applications, you can enter in the child or you can change the root geometry in your .clfswmrc confiduration file or you can set a zero pixel border for all children:

(setf *border-size* 0)
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