Things we'd like to do, at some point or other:


  • not sure that the http download stats are entirely correct
    • i think they may be overcounting when files are downloaded incrementally
  • release script made by kreuter (look into other tools; discussion among gardeners)
    • asdf has a release-op (also has a test-op)
  • keymaster needs to sign all keys?
  • we have both /usr/local/bin and /custom/bin - why?
  • set up a mirror site (
  • setup backupbox (notify antifuchs)
  • write script to change ownerships of projects (mailinglists, directories)
  • document sitemap in google


  • document all parts of the system
    • /root/post-install-packages
    • no, use Trac instead
  • user guide for clnet maintainers
    • how to create/delete new users/projects
  • write "best practices for project administrators and users"
    • include how to use announce lists
    • make releases
    • password-less commits
    • import the keyring
  • set up a mailbox/directory where people can put spam and spamassassin can learn from it
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