F2CL comes with many examples of converting Fortran code to Lisp. Look in the packages directory for the examples. Included packages are:

  • colnew - Boundary-value problems for ODEs
  • fishpack - Solve separable elliptic PDEs
  • hompack - Solves non-linear systems of equations by homotopy methods.
  • minpack - Solves non-linear equations and non-linear least squares problems
  • odepack - Initial value problem for ODEs
  • quadpack - Numerical integration
  • TOMS 419 - Zeroes of a complex polynomial
  • TOMS 715 - Numerical evaluation of Special functions
  • TOMS 717 - Max- and quasi-likelihood estimation in non-linear regression

These packages are not officially a part of F2CL. They are packages used to test F2CL.

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