Getting F2CL

Via Quicklisp

The easiest way to get F2CL is to use Quicklisp. You can just say

(ql:quickload :f2cl)

to get f2cl.

Via Mercurial (hg)

The second easiest way to get F2CL is to clone the hg (Mercurial) repository:

  hg clone

For developers with ssh access, you can use

  hg clone ssh://

Substitute your user name for "user", of course. Also, note the two slashes before project. These are important.

Note that when f2cl converts a Fortran file to Lisp, it includes information about the version of f2cl used to do the conversion. For this to work you will need to set up Mercurial to use the keyword extension. Add the following to your .hgrc file:

# Enable the Mercurial keyword extension for RCS keywords.
keyword =

# Filename patterns for CVS keyword expansion are configured in this
# section
# Expand keywords in all .l files.  Basically for f2cl sources.
src/*.l =

Now when you clone f2cl, you should something like this in src/f2cl1.l:

(defparameter *f2cl1-version*
  "$Id: f2cl1.l,v f0f149e72999 2010/10/08 03:05:30 rtoy $")
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