ATOM interface

  1. Start Isidorus
  2. Define a configruation file for the ATOM syndication, e.g. atom-conf
  3. Initialize Isidorus and import your data (your XTMs)
  4. Start the RESTful interface
  5. Check the ATOM feeds at the specified URL with a correponding client

Code Example

(let ((revision-1 100)
      (db-path "data_base")
      (xtm-path-1 "unit_tests/notificationbase.xtm") ;; the first XTM that will be imported
      (xtm-path-2 "unit_tests/atom_test.xtm") ;; the second XTM that will be imported
      (tm-id-1 "")
      (tm-id-2 "") ;;tm-id 1 and 2 has to match the given id of the collection feeds defined in the atom-configuration file
      (xtm-id-1 "notificationbase.xtm")
      (xtm-id-2 "atom_test.xtm")
      (conf-path "unit_tests/atom-conf.lisp")) ;; the configuration file for the atom interface
 (elephant:open-store (xml-importer:get-store-spec db-path)) ;; you must provide an open store controller 
 (xml-importer:init-isidorus revision-1) ;; your could also use the function xml-importer:setup-repository to initialize the db and to import the first XTM
 (xml-importer:import-xtm xtm-path-1 db-path :tm-id tm-id-1 :xtm-id xtm-id-1)
 (xml-importer:import-xtm xtm-path-2 db-path :tm-id tm-id-2 :xtm-id xtm-id-2)
 (rest-interface:start-tm-engine db-path :conffile conf-path)) ;; you have to start the web server which provides the RESTful interface
 ;; use a client and call "http://localhost:8000/feeds/"
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