Frequently Asked Questions

  • Virtual Box Image
    A Virtual Box image of a pre-installed isidorus-environment on an Ubuntu-Linux system is available at:
    The archive file contains a readme.txt with a user account and initial commands.
  • how to restore data after a system crash or a store-controller-error?
    1. reboot your system
    2. change your working directory to "isidorus/svn/trunk/src"
    3. start your sbcl interpreter (or slime, etc.)
    4. load isidorus -> (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'isidorus)
    5. load core_psis.xtm -> (xml-importer:import-xtm "xml/xtm/core_psis.xtm" "data_base" :tm-id "core_psis.xtm") ;this is currently a work-around, otherwise elephant causes some errors with the class-definitions
    6. start the rest-interface, etc.
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