Install Isidorus

The installation of Isidorus is shown on an Ubuntu 9.04 32 bit System.

  1. Make sure that emacs, slime, sbcl and subversion is installed
  2. extend the file ~/.emacs with the following lines:

(setq inferior-lisp-program "/usr/bin/sbcl")
(add-to-list 'load-path "/usr/share/common-lisp/source/slime/")
(require 'slime)

  1. download the Isidorus-SVN-repository "svn checkout svn:// isidorus"
  2. start slime: start an instance of emacs and enter "M-x slime"
  3. #slime> (require 'asdf-install)
  4. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'cl-base64)
  5. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'uffi)
  6. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'cxml) ;This package must be installed twice. The first installation doesn't succeed!
  7. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'ironclad)
  8. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'uuid)
  9. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'fiveam)
  10. download Seibel's libraries ( unzip the archive and move Chapter15 to ~/.sbcl/site/pathnames
  11. create a symbolic link of "~/.sbcl/site/pathnames/pathnames.asd" to "~/.sbcl/system/pathnames.asd"
  12. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'hunchentoot)
  13. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'cl-json)
  14. #slime> (asdf-install:install 'drakma)
  15. install berkeley DB 4.5
  16. install elephant in version 1.0.a2 by copying it to ~/.sbcl/site/elephant-1.0 and creating symbolic links for all *.asd files in the elephant-1.0 folder to the destination path ~/.sbcl/system
  17. install the remove-association-patch that is needed for a correct functionality of elephant or install the latest unstable version of elephant that already includes the remove-association patch
  18. move the isidorus folder to ~/.sbc/site/isidorus
  19. create a symbolic link of "~/.sbcl/site/isidorus/isidorus.asd" to "~/.sbcl/system/isidorus.asd"
  20. start isidorus #slime> (asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'isidorus)
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