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Symbolic Images

A symbolic image is a (host) lisp data-structure of type symbolic-image that represents a Movitz lisp-world. It contains primarily the kinds of objects declared in storage-types.lisp, i.e. movitz-symbols, movitz-conses and so on. A symbolic-image is typically created by the movitz:create-image function. A symbolic-image can be modified (e.g. by movitz:movitz-compile-file), inspected, and last but not least dumped. The function movitz:dump-image dumps a symbolic image into a BootableFileImage.

The variable movitz:*image* is intended to hold the "current" image you are working on. This variable is implicitly set by movitz:create-image, and is the default image argument for movitz:dump-image. It is possible to switch back and forth between symbolic-images by re-binding movitz:*image*.

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