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#2 multithread-httpd backend interacts badly with slime backend defect 05/10/06

the multithread-httpd backend uses the same mailboxes as slime for sending messages. this means that httpd mesages may be delivered to slime and vice versa.

the soltuion is to just use our own mailboxes. unfortuntely slime's interface is in terms of send and recieve, not something we can use for our own implemenataton of send and recieve. we'll need to add a dependncy on portable-threads (or something) and reimplement send/recieve.

#4 race condition in (setf session.current-frame) rerl defect 05/11/06

Attila Lendvai correctly points out:

what happens if two requests come simulateneously into the samesession? seems like to me that (setf session.current-frame ...) will have a race condition... shouldn't it be a bound dynamic variable just like *context* or be a slot in *context*?

#5 Javascript validation cleanup component-library defect 05/11/06

The current javascript validation code in form.lisp isn't really working properly. One of the main problems I see is that since each validator has all the code generated seperately, if there are two validators the result of the second will overwrite the first one.

Proposal: Change Generate-javascript to take a field, not a field and validator. This then loops over all the validators for that field, generating the checks for all of them, if any of these fail, then apply the invalid handler for that field, otherwise apply the valid handler. The valid handler and invalid handler would also become specialized on just the field, instead of the field and validator.

Problem: If at some point we want the validators to do different things to the same field (such as error messages), then this doesn't handle it. This might be worked around by having the invalid-handler call a gather-error-messages generic function, or something along those lines.

#1 per component inspector links components enhancement 04/25/06

it'd be nice if inspector links colud be turned on/off on a per component (or per componetn class) basis

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