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Git and CMUCL


The CMUCL CVS repository was converted to git on 2011-09-20 and is now available. You can browse the repository using the Browse Source link above, or you can visit CMUCL gitweb for a different view. This latter page also includes links necessary for cloning the repository. (For committers, be sure to put your userid in the ssh link.)

In short, to get a copy do

   git clone git://

or, if the git method does not work, use the http transport

   git clone

Developers should use

   git clone ssh://

where user should be replaced with your common-lisp user name.

The CVS repository will still be available, but will not allow checkins anymore.


There is also a git mirror at Github. It may be slightly out-of-date compared to the official repository, but the intent is that it should never be more than a few days behind, and hopefully no more than a few hours.



The directory structure for CMUCL was changed on 2011/11/04 in changeset [a9961276fedcff5f7e94a07d334546c819dd420a]. This makes git log not produce the history of the changes before that date. However, you can still get the previous history using git log --follow.


To keep the master branch in a cleaner state without merge commits littering the history, we suggest using one of the following:

  1. git pull --rebase
  2. Edit .git/config so that it contains something like
    [branch "master"]
      remote = origin
      merge = refs/heads/master
      rebase = true
  3. Add the following to ~/.gitconfig
      autosetuprebase = true

You can read more about it at,,

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