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Lisp Unit

CMUCL uses Lisp-Unit for unit testing.

The test suite should be run before a snapshot is tagged and released.

To run the test suite:

  1. You must be in the top of the CMUCL source tree.
  2. If you have not installed CMUCL, you must install it.
    1. Run bin/ -I <dir> to install it.
  3. For the full test suite, run <lisp> -noinit -load tests/run-tests.lisp -eval '(cmucl-test-runner:run-all-tests)'
  4. To run just one of the test suites:
    1. Run lisp
    2. (require :lisp-unit)
    3. Load one of the files in tests
    4. Run the test using (lisp-unit:run-tests :all <package>).
      1. The package name is the file name appended with "-TESTS". For example, the trig tests are in trig.lisp and the package name is "TRIG-TESTS".

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