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How to Update Unicode Support

Here are the steps for updating the Unicode support in CMUCL. First, find the desired version of Unicode from

  1. Update all the files in src/i18n. For example, for Unicode 6.3, you can find the files at The files have the same names.
  2. Modify src/tools/build-unidata.lisp and src/code/unidata.lisp to have the desired values for the Unicode major, minor, and update versions.
  3. Increment the revision number in *unidata-version*.
  4. Follow the instructions at the top of src/tools/build-unidata.lisp:
    1. Compile and load src/tools/build-unidata.lisp
    2. Run (build-unidata). Specify the directory (to src/i18n/ if necessary.
      1. If there are significant changes, build-unidata may not work. You will have to update build-unidata.lisp to conform to the new information.
      2. Updates to build-unidata may require corresponding changes to write-unidata.
    3. Run (write-unidata <path>) to write out the new unidata.bin file to <path>.
    4. Copy the new unidata.bin file to src/i18n/unidata.bin.
  5. Rebuild cmucl
  6. Using the new version of cmucl
    1. Run the tests using either
      1. The full lisp-unit test-suite
      2. Use lisp-unit and load just tests/unicode.lisp. Then run the unicode tests.
    2. There should be no failures in the tests. If there are, fix up errors and start again.

This should give a new version of cmucl with support for the new version of Unicode.

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