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How to Get CMUCL


For the latest sources, look at GitAndCmucl.


The latest formal release of CMUCL (binaries and source) is available from the various download sites, in the release directory. For each supported platform there are two bzipped tar archives, one containing the base system, and the other (with "extra" in the name) containing additional files supporting CLX, Hemlock, Gray streams and so on. In addition, there is the source archive containing the sources used to compile the binaries.

The download sites are:
The primary CMUCL machine
The main CMUCL website has a mirror of the downloads directory.
A mirror of the downloads directory, located in Germany with good bandwidth across Europe and the USA.
A mirror of the downloads directory.

Monthly binaries are also available from the download sites. These are binaries that are built at the beginning of each month (roughly) and are based on the code base at that time. These may differ significantly from the release, because they may have bug fixes or new features added. Although we try to be sure that they work and are capable of compiling themselves, they are only lightly tested. Use with caution.

Binaries built from source more recent than the latest release are available from the download mirrors in the binaries directory. These binaries contain bugfixes and new features that are not in the release binaries, but have had less testing.

Binaries providing experimental features (such as long floats), or built with non-standard features or subsystems, are available in the experimental directory. These haven't had much testing.

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