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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4 Complete time signatures/mensuration signs set new dlewis defect major workshop1
#8 Ligature shape/stemming selection new dlewis defect major TinctorisLaunch
#9 Dragging a note uses wrong y coordinates accepted dlewis defect major workshop1
#11 Accidental/solmisation cue rendering new dlewis enhancement major workshop1
#1 X11 backend alpha issues new dlewis defect minor TinctorisLaunch
#2 Font selection new dlewis enhancement minor
#3 Dot button new dlewis enhancement minor workshop1
#5 Double bar line alignment new dlewis defect minor TinctorisLaunch
#6 Notehead toolbar buttons should be notation dependant new dlewis defect minor TinctorisLaunch
#7 Horizonal positioning / rounding for compound glyphs new dlewis defect minor TinctorisLaunch
#10 Key signatures and their analogues new dlewis@… defect minor TinctorisLaunch
#12 Drag 'n' drop note entry new dlewis enhancement minor
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